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How We Stand Out

We have a female founder and teacher, one who trained traditionally in both the west and the east. 


Our techniques and community bring the traditional knowledge of the east together with the empirical approaches of the west to create a community and set of techniques that are both deeply functional and essential to those who use them.


Much of our community is neuroatypical, including our Process Leaders, who teach introductory level integrated interventions classes. These techniques (which include meditations), work extraordinarily well for those with sensory issues and sensitive or specific needs. 


We use scientific studies and data to back up our programs and techniques.


We offer a path fully grounded in spirituality, but also gift classes in which techniques are taught with no discussion of spirituality. Beyond that, our entry level classes are free of charge, so that you may try us out and see how far you’d like to go. 


We teach techniques offered nowhere else, alongside a set of carefully curated techniques that have proven themselves effective through both the contemporary energy psychologies and millennia of use.


We are a small community, right sized to have members be able meet with our founder to help integrate knowledge and techniques smoothly into life.

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