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Join us every Tuesday at 7pm PST, either in person at the Kinder Life Center’s annex, The Nest, located at 18415 244th Ave NE, Woodinville, WA 98077or remotely by Zoom.

Our meditations and Satsangs reflect our Founder’s spiritual training, experience, and heritage.

On Tuesdays, we begin at 7pm by singing inspirational devotional songs in both English and Sanskrit. What we lack in accompaniment, we make up for in enthusiasm. Join along with us, whether or not you know all of the words or consider yourself a singer. If you prefer, you are welcome to join us at 7:10pm when singing concludes and a guided Pancha Kosha meditation begins.


Pancha Kosha is a Sanskrit term that refers to the five layers of awareness that make up human consciousness. During a Pancha Kosha meditation, we move from our most material level of awareness, that of our human body, to our most subtle level of awareness, the awareness of our self as Self…that is, peaceful eternal Presence. Meditation concludes at 8pm.

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